Monday, December 27, 2021

Somewhat of a schedule

For the most part on my channel, I have series that I am actually planning on finishing on through. Not 100%, but story-wise from beginning to end, and there will be a video a week on each. I still have room to play random games for 2 days, but I'm trying to actually beat my games than test them out. I believe one of the two days will most likely be Forza Horizon 5, but it isn't really set in stone compared to the other 5 days.

Monday - Yakuza 0

Tuesday - Lost Ruins

Wednesday - Axiom Verge

Thursday - 1001 Games and More CD

Saturday - Threads of Fate

I have no idea how long these games will take me (especially the 1001 games cd), but they haven't frustrated me much and are quite fun so far.

Of course, everyday there will be a solution to Friday the 13th Killer Puzzle's Daily Death as well.

Halo Infinite's multiplayer is a bit better now

 Is it perfect? No. The weekly challenges still feel like it would take some time to get through. For this week, I have 1 more weekly left before the ultimate, and I only have a day to complete them - and I have been playing for about an hour a day at least. At least there are no ranked challenges.

The addition of the multiple game modes has been great. I don't know if BTB is still broken or not though since I haven't tried it yet. It is still annoying that a lot of the challenges still rely on the normal quick play RNG - oddball, area control, etc.

Out of the new modes, I think I like tactical slayer the best right now. Straightforward and no pickups. Everyone has the same weapon and the same health.

There are the occasional graphical bugs, but multiplayer is a little bit better for now.

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Halo Infinite's multiplayer is currently frustrating.

 This all stems from the challenges.

The xp gain to level up the pass seems nice and all, but the weekly challenges hasn't improved. I have heard that the game lists will change, but I don't know when that will be implemented. BTB queues have been buggy ever since the single player launched - which I doubt they will give people free swaps if they have a BTB challenge in their weekly queue (like me).

It is bad enough that an entire mode has issues, but the weekly challenges need to change, or at least the ability to queue what you want. For the last 4 of 6 matches, I have been sent to the *only* One Flag CTF map out of 17 possible map choices. It doesn't help that I have a weekly to just play one Oddball match.

I feel like because of these challenges, people are dead set on not doing the objectives, unless it helps them to progress that. It could also explain the mass number of people leaving at the start, or just afking to get through the match.

Hopefully this will be resolved, both the BTB and how challenges are, because right now multiplayer feels more grindy than it needs to be.

Monday, December 6, 2021

Forza has been updated! (and other Halo/update stuffs)

 The main gripe about Forza Horizon 5 has been fixed (for me at least). The recent update had a ton of fixes, one of which is the scaling of Horizon Arcade! I was able to complete all 5 of the different types of arcade modes. Though there was a weird timer that says the time remaining for the mini challenges was many hours long.

I also finished the weekly challenges for Halo Infinite and wow what a grind it was. Luckily they are changing the playlists (I believe), so that would cut some time off with the weekend challenges. It took me many matches to get a specific one that I needed. It didn't help that some of the challenges required multiple wins in a specific type. It just felt like unnecessary bloat and grind. The ultimate challenge was fine I thought. Though it seemed to give me Stronghold and Oddball as the majority of the types when I had that challenge up.

I downloaded the Whiteboard app to keep track of what I recorded so far, since I do them on the weekends. Thanks to the recent holiday, I am a few days ahead, and hopefully I can keep it that way.

For today's upload, it seems like there was a claim on the video for some reason. I did the thing to trim it out, though I don't know if it'll finish processing by the time it is scheduled to release. Who knew that a mobile game would have an ost that could get claimed.