Saturday, December 26, 2020

Next game after Black Mesa

 I haven't mentioned this before (I believe), but after I finish my Black Mesa playthrough, I will most likely start on Hades. It seems like a good game, and my friends love it. I have the developer's older games (Bastion, Transistor), but I never played Transistor, and I didn't finish Bastion. I liked what I played for Bastion, but I got preoccupied with other things at the time and never got back to it (much like a lot of my other stuff lol). The plan is that I'll see Hades through. Probably won't 100% it like I won't 100% Black Mesa though.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Stream Ideas

 Given what is happening, I have been contemplating of streaming to Youtube over twitch. I don't know if that will increase viewers or what.. I can make twitch affiliate, but only thing I need is the constant engagement apparently. I meet every other criteria.

That being said, I don't know what other things to stream. I have some ideas, since I don't want to be just WoW - I never planned on streaming just one game exclusively. Duelyst was an exception though. I was thinking of old school games, or maybe niche stuff, but would people even know? I feel like it is a catch-22 situation... Stream a popular game that I like, and it might get lost in the sea of streams. Stream a lesser popular game that I like, then it still might get that many views because of the lesser popularity.

In the end, it boils down to my feelings and what I want to stream at that point. Just wish there were more avenues to try and grow as a channel / streamer. Like I mentioned, I might stream more older/niche stuff and see how it goes. Just have to narrow down my options.

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Mobile Games!

 I recently started to do some Let's Plays on Android games. I released one, Lily's Garden, and I have another one lined up. I generally want to focus on heavily advertised ones, but I might branch out. Don't really want to go too far into the trash end, because that would probably be encroaching Vinesauce territory and they are great at what they do.

Cyberpunk has been getting patches, but I don't know if they made it so OBS would be usable yet. Obviously not everyone is having the issues, or that they have a 30xx card or something like that. I know that there are plenty of bugs and issues, and not just from the PC side of things. It's beginning to look like a No Man's Sky or a Fallout 76 type of launch as well with the reports I've been seeing.

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Cyberpunk and things

 So recently, Cyberpunk 2077 released and I planned on making multiple videos on the game and slot those in between my normal schedule so there would be a let's play video every day. Logistically, I think it could have worked out, but due to the nature of the game, I don't think I can.

The game is fun and interesting, but there are a few bugs / optimization issues - though I don't know if the latter is due to my card or the game (I currently use a 2060).

Playing it on my own, I can run the game just fine on high to ultra settings. However, I can't get a steady 60fps when OBS is running, even when I change the settings to low. No idea why, even when OBS isn't recording or anything. Just when it's running, the game drops in framerate for me.

There is also a weird bug with mirrors in the game. Normally they work fine and do what mirrors do. However when I try to record my gameplay footage, the recorded version bugs out and shows both my viewpoint and the viewpoint from the mirror, with the latter flickering. The odd part about this, is that on the monitor with the actual gameplay, it looks fine - it doesn't show the flickering or the second viewpoint that OBS has for some reason.

With that said, I'll probably go back to my normal schedule of uploading every other day. At least until they release an optimization patch so the game won't freak out when OBS is running, or if by chance I upgrade to a 30xx card. Don't know which will come first since I basically upgraded my PC not too long ago and don't really want to do that again in such a short timeframe.

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Thinking of changing my upload schedule

 This was something that I felt recently, and with Cyberpunk coming out soon (as of this post), I really want to start uploading let's plays daily instead of every other day. This plus the amount of stuff that I really want to try to record (like mobile games and stuff). I just don't know if I will have the time, since I can only really record during the weekends due to work. I believe I tried it before while I was working and I just eventually got burnt out more or less and then gotten into the groove of releasing every other day, since that seemed right. Maybe with the additional days off due to Christmas and New Years, I can try to get more in, and I might try more this coming weekend. Who knows? If it happens it happens I guess. At the very least I will still stick with every other day. If I do more, then that's just a bonus.