Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Update on stuff

My work has been pretty hectic. With the corona going around and all, the manpower has been not great. Last week we got bombarded with shipments, and this week is the same. However, we don't really have the space to put anything. Usually we would ship out stuff, but due to one reason or another, that has been slowed down as well, so we have been slowly amassing all these shipments without a source to unload them. But I guess it is what it is.

Youtube wise, I'm thinking of trying to add more videos to my schedule. I have been getting a lot of feedback on my Bitburner video, but I don't know what I would do in future parts if I were to continue it. I also want to play other games, but only having one day free to upload them (since the other days have other games already in progress) seems kind of like a jam. I picked up a few games recently that I want to try out, so maybe I will do some double uploads on some days. 

I also want to stream more - I have been trying out Dead Cells again and it is pretty fun. One downside of having the Twitch interactions enabled is that you have to have at least one vote before it can continue.

That being said, I am torn on wanting to either record or stream some games. I want to do the Halo collection, and maybe the original Doom/Duke Nukem series.

For now, I have taken a break on Halo Infinite multiplayer. The game is solid, but I feel like I will burn myself out if I grinded the pass every week. I do want to max out the main pass eventually, but I feel like with how they give xp now, I can have a break here and there. I might have stopped right before the second week of the Fractured Tenrai event so I missed out, but eh.

Friday, January 7, 2022

New Year, New Game.

I have added another game to my schedule - Inscryption. It felt like I haven't played a card game in a long while, and I decided to try it out. It seems to have good reviews and so far I am enjoying it.

I have also made a tier rank for something in Guild Wars 2. It is only a portion of it, due to the time length, so hopefully I can put all parts out before the new expansion. If not, then I'll just post them whenever on my free day of the week.

Other than that, it's a new year and hopefully I will pass 1k subscribers soon! I have been uploading more shorts, and that has been getting views, so I hope that is helping.