Wednesday, February 15, 2023


 Apparently I haven't posted here about this, but I have started to do some unboxings of Pokemon/Magic the Gathering. If things go well with some stuff, maybe Yu-gi-oh and other stuff in the future. I don't really do them to get money cards - mainly just to open and showcase the pulls. Also good times when I think I get something cool but turns out to be not as cool, and something I think seems ok turns out really good.

There's also a game that came out recently that I wanted to record or stream, but it doesn't like OBS for some reason. Plays fine by itself, but lags if I try to record it. It happened before with Cyberpunk as well. Maybe I should save to upgrade my PC.

Other than that, Steam's Next Fest recently happened and I recorded a bit of demos from that event. Lot of neat stuff! Normal let's plays (Guild Wars 2, Elden Ring, etc.) will return after all of them get uploaded.