Monday, December 12, 2022

Another Update

 I have been streaming more lately, though only on the days where I don't have work. Mainly Overwatch 2 and Guild Wars 2. I want to stream Dwarf Fortress, but Duelyst 2 is coming back soon. This time in open beta! Can't wait to have the custom skin I colored and an altered card added into the game. When that releases, I think I will try to make that my main, though I still would like to get the dailies/weeklies in Overwatch 2 done (preferably less than 3 hours per session.. that last session was just painful).

As for Overwatch 2, there is a new battle pass out and it is still grindy, though it seems like some of the weeklies were made easier. The payouts are still terrible though.

As for as Guild Wars 2, I think I am close to the end of the personal story, though I haven't reached the final area yet at the time of this post. I think I will actually experience Season 1 for the first time ever on the Steam account and not my main.