Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Started to stream again + Perfected Supraland!

 Well, only the base game is perfected. I still need to play the DLC. However, I am taking a small break from the game to continue Resident Evil Village. I recorded another video for Village, and there seems to be no issues! Aside from trying to survive. There were no visible frame drops and no headaches. I did get to see a glimpse of the characters that I think will be future bosses though.

I have also started to stream on the weekends on twitch.


So far it is just Guild Wars 2. If I have time throughout the week, I kind of wanted to play different games, like WoW, FF14, Terraria, Hylics, etc. Maybe some throwback games as well. I did record some videos of The Legend of Dragoon but I never continued it. Maybe I could on a stream.

I did get a Streamdeck, though 8 of the buttons are currently in use for my Guild Wars 2 mounts lol. I think at least 4 are going to be used for stream-related things. Eventually I would also want to use my cam as well, but for now there will just be my logo in where the cam is supposed to be.

Monday, May 17, 2021

Finished the main story in Supraland!

 I finally finished playing through the main story of Supraland! It was pretty fun and I only really got lost a few times, though it was either because of me overthinking or overlooking things. At first the jump seemed wonky, but I got used to it. I still have questions about the kid that made this entire world, since you see the kid throughout the game. Is it like a Toy Story deal? Or is the entire thing within the kid's imagination?

I like how the game encourages side tracking, and that it doesn't feel like a chore. There were also a lot of references to other things and some quips about them. I also like how you would keep learning new skills with the same items you had over time. It's like a 'this does that too?' moment.

That being said, the enemies that spawn was a little annoying. It was very few at the beginning, but once you get more powerful, there are more that spawn and stronger ones as well. However, it was only a few times where I would feel overwhelmed.

The final boss was basically a 'show the game what you have learned' type of situation since you can't shoot it to death. You have all the pieces, it's just putting them in place. Once you figure out what you needed to do, you still would have to do it as well.

I'll still make more videos for it, since I am still missing a lot of things. Plus I still have the DLC to play. Don't know what is in store for the DLC, but if it is more of what I experienced in the main game, then I am all for it. I wonder if it will take place in the same map or if there is a new area.

I have also started Resident Evil Village. Had some issues with the first 2 parts - the first being that it made me physically sick for a short time with the head bobbing, and the second part had some framerate issues. Going to try the third part without my avatar and see if it will be better.

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Supraland is Fun

 I think I'm going to try and finish Supraland for my Let's Play stuff before I get to other things. I'm just a little hooked on that game right now. I like how it doesn't feel like a chore to explore off the beaten path and the game overall has this charm to it. It's not super realistic in terms of graphics, but not all games need to be.

I don't really know how much longer I have before I beat the game, but I keep getting powerups left and right, and I keep getting different abilities, like super long jumping with the supraball.

So yeah, I think I'll keep on continuing this for now.