Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Started to stream again + Perfected Supraland!

 Well, only the base game is perfected. I still need to play the DLC. However, I am taking a small break from the game to continue Resident Evil Village. I recorded another video for Village, and there seems to be no issues! Aside from trying to survive. There were no visible frame drops and no headaches. I did get to see a glimpse of the characters that I think will be future bosses though.

I have also started to stream on the weekends on twitch.


So far it is just Guild Wars 2. If I have time throughout the week, I kind of wanted to play different games, like WoW, FF14, Terraria, Hylics, etc. Maybe some throwback games as well. I did record some videos of The Legend of Dragoon but I never continued it. Maybe I could on a stream.

I did get a Streamdeck, though 8 of the buttons are currently in use for my Guild Wars 2 mounts lol. I think at least 4 are going to be used for stream-related things. Eventually I would also want to use my cam as well, but for now there will just be my logo in where the cam is supposed to be.

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