Thursday, July 11, 2019

Mario Maker 2 and other things

I started to stream Super Mario Maker 2 on my Twitch on the weekends! I have been putting viewer submitted levels and other cool levels as highlights on my YouTube channel though, so people won't be missing out if they miss the streams, since they are kind of late (depending on the location).

I've also thought about it and will go on to the next Game Pass game since Snake Pass was making me annoyed at the controls. It isn't hard like how Super Meat Boy is or games like this. The control scheme in Snake Pass just feels hard to utilize correctly, at least for a controller. You have the trigger to move forward, and one of the 4 main buttons being the thing to lift your head up to climb, with the left joystick being the horizontal movements. This is fine, however, you have some areas where you have to rotate the camera as well, which is the right joystick. If you let go of any other button though, you will fall down and have to redo that area.

I haven't seen what my next Game Pass game will be, since I haven't hit the randomizer yet, but I hope it will be better than Snake Pass.