Monday, December 27, 2021

Somewhat of a schedule

For the most part on my channel, I have series that I am actually planning on finishing on through. Not 100%, but story-wise from beginning to end, and there will be a video a week on each. I still have room to play random games for 2 days, but I'm trying to actually beat my games than test them out. I believe one of the two days will most likely be Forza Horizon 5, but it isn't really set in stone compared to the other 5 days.

Monday - Yakuza 0

Tuesday - Lost Ruins

Wednesday - Axiom Verge

Thursday - 1001 Games and More CD

Saturday - Threads of Fate

I have no idea how long these games will take me (especially the 1001 games cd), but they haven't frustrated me much and are quite fun so far.

Of course, everyday there will be a solution to Friday the 13th Killer Puzzle's Daily Death as well.

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