Monday, December 27, 2021

Halo Infinite's multiplayer is a bit better now

 Is it perfect? No. The weekly challenges still feel like it would take some time to get through. For this week, I have 1 more weekly left before the ultimate, and I only have a day to complete them - and I have been playing for about an hour a day at least. At least there are no ranked challenges.

The addition of the multiple game modes has been great. I don't know if BTB is still broken or not though since I haven't tried it yet. It is still annoying that a lot of the challenges still rely on the normal quick play RNG - oddball, area control, etc.

Out of the new modes, I think I like tactical slayer the best right now. Straightforward and no pickups. Everyone has the same weapon and the same health.

There are the occasional graphical bugs, but multiplayer is a little bit better for now.

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