Monday, December 6, 2021

Forza has been updated! (and other Halo/update stuffs)

 The main gripe about Forza Horizon 5 has been fixed (for me at least). The recent update had a ton of fixes, one of which is the scaling of Horizon Arcade! I was able to complete all 5 of the different types of arcade modes. Though there was a weird timer that says the time remaining for the mini challenges was many hours long.

I also finished the weekly challenges for Halo Infinite and wow what a grind it was. Luckily they are changing the playlists (I believe), so that would cut some time off with the weekend challenges. It took me many matches to get a specific one that I needed. It didn't help that some of the challenges required multiple wins in a specific type. It just felt like unnecessary bloat and grind. The ultimate challenge was fine I thought. Though it seemed to give me Stronghold and Oddball as the majority of the types when I had that challenge up.

I downloaded the Whiteboard app to keep track of what I recorded so far, since I do them on the weekends. Thanks to the recent holiday, I am a few days ahead, and hopefully I can keep it that way.

For today's upload, it seems like there was a claim on the video for some reason. I did the thing to trim it out, though I don't know if it'll finish processing by the time it is scheduled to release. Who knew that a mobile game would have an ost that could get claimed.

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