Monday, March 1, 2021

February is over

 And with that, another month of daily uploads!
That being said, I am thinking about uploading only during the weekdays, while having Sat/Sun be stream days. I am leaning to Youtube Gaming, rather than Twitch, to try it out again. Seeing what happened to Ronnie Radke's stream got me a little annoyed... how are they going to mute his stuff for playing music that he created? Just seems weird. Not to mention the Blizzcon thing with the music.

Why can't I do both? Mainly because I would be streaming at times I would be normally uploading my videos. Uploading takes some bandwidth, and I can't really do both. I tried before and it was a mess.

Hylics 2 is a game I really want to stream, rather than record. It just seems like it is *that* kind of game to get live reactions for. Also have some others, like maybe continuing some MMOs like Guild Wars 2 and World of Warcraft. I still need to finish Borderlands 3 as well. Maybe some racing stuff.

I guess until I finally decide to do so, I will just continue uploading stuff daily to my Youtube. Slay the Spire has been pretty fun and challenging, and I've been also doing Honkai, and some random ones for the weekend/whenever. I wish it could be every other day, alternating with Slay the Spire, but Slay the Spire has been drawing my attention currently. I was thinking about Valheim, but that feels more like a streaming game or a heavily edited video, since it would just be a lot of gathering.

Well I guess that's it for this post/update. Don't really know what else to add.

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