Monday, February 22, 2021

Slay the Spire is pretty fun

Seems like Slay the Spire has taken over Hades in my lineup. I'm liking it, and each deck feels unique. I haven't unlocked the 4th one yet, so I don't know how that one plays, but the other 3 are interesting. I really want to continue Hades, though I probably will do that on my own time. I think I might do Honkai Impact 3rd weekly, though don't know how long each video will be. I think I'll play it by week.

So far so good in putting out a video a day. I think I will be able to finish February with this steady progress (not counting the Friday the 13th videos). 

I have also been playing some Project CARS 3 on my own after doing the initial video. It's alright, but like I mentioned in the video - it really shouldn't have been called Project CARS 3.

I still want to do short review videos like I did in the past again, but I'll have to go through my extensive library to see which ones I should do.

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