Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The musings of a worker bee

It's funny how one person can make or break a work day.

Work has been busy lately, which I don't mind. It's work. However there is a person that just makes it irritating. It's clear that the other coworkers don't like his attitude and demeanor as well, but no one can bring it up, since the person will probably act in one of two ways: immature, or pissy.

This person acted like an immature brat when the manager gave them a written warning for breaking 3 tablets within 4 months. The first time, sure, everyone has accidents. The second one made the lcd screen unusable. The third time, the screen got cracked, and they said they thought there was a protector on it...

The person keeps not doing things they are supposed to do and blames others, or claim that they forgot. This is after 2-3 weeks of reminding them.

If I could writeup or give them written warnings, I think I would have a book by now.

But whatever. I just wanted to rant a little. I could go more into the things, but that would take way too much time. I'll just keep on working day by day, and record/stream video games during the weekend.

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