Monday, May 6, 2019

Has it really been about a month since I posted? Jeez..
I think I'm used to my new upload schedule as it's more easier on me to balance work, recording, and free time now, whereas recording/editing would take up the majority of my weekends/days I don't work. The only downside is, is that series will take longer since it's spaced out more, and there are games that I do videos for that will sometimes take priority (due to receiving a key and whatnot).

Hopefully I can incorporate more streaming now, but that will still have to be somewhat planned out.

Recording from the racing rig is kind of tricky, due to only having one monitor for that, but it usually works. I'll probably need to get another monitor (and maybe upgrade the current one since it's a lower resolution than 1080p) if I want to record additional stuff like audio or cam footage.

Sakuracon has passed, and I still have to contact the artists I got the info of for my new banner idea. Basically thinking of how to word it since it might be a little confusing if I word it wrong, or not provide enough detail.

Aside from that, I finished watching That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime. It was pretty interesting, and the episodes never felt like a slog. Can't wait for season 2 though.

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