Saturday, August 6, 2022

About time I update this

 This last month has been pretty hectic. Mainly packing. A lot of packing. Didn't realize how much stuff I have, and yeah. Now that I have moved in, I will have to take time to unpack, though I can only really do it on the weekends.

I have been recording though. I think among all this, I only missed one day of a main video, and that was because the internet wasn't working. Had to switch providers because my prior one couldn't be carried over to the new location. Signed up with a new provider and then it wouldn't connect

However, everything is up and running now. Still have to unpack stuff, but I'm back recording. Hopefully I will stream soon. The new provider has less upload speed, but I don't know if that will effect the quality of my streams.

On another note, Duelyst is coming back! I recorded a video during the network test, and I think the beta will be coming out shortly.

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