Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Lost Ark is pretty fun for me

 Is it P2W? Most likely. Though I am not in a position yet to see it since I am still at the beginning for the most part. It just feels refreshing for a game that has already been out for years, and there are a lot of things to collect. Some grindy, some just exploring.

Also at the time of this post, Next Fest is happening on Steam. Going to try a few demos and put those videos out starting next week, so some of my weekly stuff will be paused, even though I recorded some already. There are some repeats from last time that I saw on the page, and some I am not that interested in, but I will try to get a variety of genres.

Also Vampire Survivors is pretty fun. Though I hear it is based off an Android game, so I do plan on trying that out in the future as well.

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