Monday, November 8, 2021

Forza Horizon 5!

 I have been playing a bit of Forza Horizon 5 this past weekend, and it's been pretty fun. Surprised that there are already pretty good car liveries out there.

I had some issues starting the game, but I was able to fix them. For some reason it would crash on startup, but I found out that exiting Discord fixed it for whatever reason. Then I couldn't log into my Windows account, even though it said I was already logged in. I logged in by going through the use another account option and use the same email. Other than that, there was one more issue, but it seemed minor - that is the game saying I was disconnected, even though I was still connected to the internet. Might be launch issues or whatever. That being said, there seems to be a lot of causes for the startup crash on the forums, and there are a variety of fixes, from disabling antivirus / adding an exception, to exiting programs, to other stuff.

The game technically comes out on November 8, so hopefully there will be more people online, and that they will activate public lobbies, because right now I am just doing solo stuff. I have seen some people on the roads sometimes, but I wonder how much more 'lively' it will be when the game launches. I plan on recording more videos for that game, though I still have other games I want to try out as well.

I also wonder that the future has in store for content updates. I really liked the Lego update in Horizon 4, so hopefully one update will be something like that.

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