Thursday, September 23, 2021

The daily grind

 So far I am able to keep up with the daily uploads, which is a good thing. I feel like I can keep this going as a normal routine! I don't know how long Tales of Arise is, but I feel like it will be a really long journey. So far, I've been trying to get around an hour in per recording, and it seems to work for the most part. I am very early in the game, so I don't know if it will be neatly partitioned later on.

I think I am also getting better at Eternal Return? I feel like the players have been better in the Asia server though. It could be because I started out fresh on the NA server, that I was paired with similar experienced people, but now that I have a few games under my belt, it is pairing me against better people. I did find out that there are some characters that I am just not compatible with, like Bernice, though that could just be my luck.

Also starting to stream again on the weekends. Haven't been doing them for long, but hopefully that will change in the future. I want to stream more Guild Wars 2, since I want to finish the Ice Brood Saga before the new expansion hits. Also want to stream other games as well, but I think Guild Wars 2 will be my focus for now at least.

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