Monday, August 30, 2021

New keyboard and stuff

 So the mechanical keyboard that I backed on Kickstarter finally arrived not too long ago (the Marsback M1). So far, it seems better than the Belle Delphine keyboard in terms of quietness. The switches for these are too sensitive though. I should have chosen another type of switch, but I think I only need to swap out the space bar. It is basically my first week of using this keyboard so I still need to get used to it, but I like the sound, the look, and overall feel. One downside was that I had to charge the keyboard before I could use it in wired mode, which is weird, but after I charged it, it was fine.

I have seen in the comments that people still haven't gotten tracking, and are overall not happy since they didn't get it yet. I feel like they should have communicated it better. They even acknowledged the charging thing in a comment, which could get buried, rather than on the page or on an update.

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