Sunday, March 14, 2021

Weekly Update

 I really want to go back to some of the older games that I played before, like No Man's Sky. I even want to do an update to The Crew 2 and see how much it changed since launch. Then there are the newer, unplayed games that I want to try out. Just a matter of having the time over the weekend, and when to upload. If I had more time to record, I still would want to limit myself to one a day, since I believe the algorithm changed so it doesn't really benefit if I do multiple a day, but who knows? I wonder if I will ever have the time to do 2 a day lol... Then I definitely won't have time to stream if that is the case, which I do want to stream. I just need to find the right time and games. There is Hylics 2, and maybe Loop Hero. Maybe some older stuff as well?

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