Monday, November 23, 2020

It's been a little over a month since my last post, so I feel like updating this a little.

Using the live2d avatar is going well I think! I'm enjoying using it and I like that additional layer on the video, when before it has been just the gameplay with my voice. Still not really using it during live streams though - there seems to be a sync issue, but I haven't checked if it's because of audacity, obs, or Facerig. I fix it when I'm editing so it doesn't show on my videos, but I don't know if it will effect the way I stream.

Other than that, I have been recording Black Mesa. Enjoying the game and it's been interesting to see the differences between that and the original. Only thing annoying are the updates. If you update the game, you can't use a save from the previous version. This means that I would have to replay the level up to where I save last (in one case, it was near the end of one level). Not a huge annoyance, but still one.

As for life, just working as usual. Stopped closing at night, so I get home about 15 minutes earlier than I would have if I were closing. A few Kickstarter stuff arrived as well - a few board games. The pile of board games I haven't played with people has been slowly increasing due to the covid stuff lol. Hopefully I'll be able to play these games with my friends eventually.

There have been some other things annoying me from time to time, but maybe I'll talk about it during the airing of grievances (Seinfeld reference)

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