Monday, June 15, 2020

Has it really been 8 months?

Interesting. I know that I didn't post in a while, but jeez, didn't realize it was that long. This might be a long one, but hopefully people will see it.

To update on that old post:

  • I have been playing more Chrono Trigger, albeit sporadically. Other games are taking up my priorities.
  • The rest of the games I listed were basically on hold.
I have 2 posts apparently that are still in draft form here for Maplestory 2 (RIP). Don't know if I will ever release those since the game has been dead.

I have started, and in some cases, finished, multiple new series though. Here are some of the playlists:

Final Fantasy VII Remake:

Doom Eternal:

Resident Evil 3 Remake:

Risk of Rain 1:


I have even started playing some games that were released in my childhood. Not console (though I am thinking about it), but DOS games. I don't have a set schedule for any of this, but I do play multiple games in one video.


I have also been streaming more lately (though there aren't many viewers lol). I used to stream some Valorant when it was in beta. I also streamed a 100% playthrough of this mashup of Super Metroid and A Link To The Past. It was really interesting, though a lot of the items could have been skipped. I have also been streaming some Guild Wars 2 since I've been playing a lot of that.


I also built a new computer recently! It's almost the same as my VR pc, but a little more better. Also got a new monitor to replace my monitor 1 because of it. 

Still haven't reached 1k subs yet, but still trying!

Because of this whole situation, I've been recording and uploading more, though when there is work again, I probably will go back to my previous schedule of uploading a Let's Play every other day just to lighten the load. We'll see though.

Maybe I'll update this more (haha).

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